Advantages of investing in Montenegro

Advantages of investing in Montenegro

Montenegro, although the smallest state in the Balkans, is characterized by political, monetary and macroeconomic stability, and a favorable tax policy.

What makes Montenegro a particularly desirable destination for foreign investments is the fact that foreign natural persons and foreign investors are not subject to stricter regime than domestic ones.

Whether you want to start a business or invest in a Real Estate, these are some of the key advantages offered by investing in Montenegro:

A foreign investor has all the rights and obligations as domestic investor

Equal tax treatment of domestic and foreign investors

Income tax is only 9%

Tax on profit is only 9%

The overall VAT rate is 21%

Company profit (dividend) belongs to the owner of the company

Foreign companies operating in Montenegro have the same rights as domestic companies

Foreign natural persons have the same conditions as domestic natural persons for registration of enterprises

The minimum stake for establishing a limited liability company is 1 euro

A stable economy of sustainable capital growth

A foreign citizen can transfer the property in permanent ownership

There is no additional property tax

The property can be leased without any restrictions

The property can be resold without any restrictions

A steady increase in the value of purchased property.