Our services

1. The establishment and registration of a company (drafting of the charter, regulations, directives, statutes, contracts, issuing TIN, VAT etc.)

Armed with statistical knowledge, technical expertise, and fact based prediction, we allow your business to truly soar.

2. Getting working/residency permit-Temporary residence may be granted to a foreigner intending to stay in Montenegro for a period longer than 90 days for the purpose of:

1) family reunification;
2) secondary education or study;
3) participation in programs of international student exchanges or other programs for the young;
4) specialization, vocational training and practical training;
5) scientific research work;
6) medical treatment;
7) humanitarian reasons;
8) the right to have on disposal of immovable property owned in Montenegro;
9) conducting religious services;
10) work;

3. Bookkeeping and accounting services:

1) Keeping incoming and outgoing invoices (KPR and KIR),
2) Calculation of VAT,
3) Payroll and contributions,
4) Tax refundation;
5) Maternity refundation and medical health care for whole family;
6) List, depreciation and reevaluation of fixed assets,
7) Preparation of final accounts
8) Preparation of periodic reports;
9) Making calculations of retail and wholesale
10) Posting calculations wholesale and retail trade in financial accounting,
11) Sales and purchase ledger,
12) Making of payment system

4. Tax and financial advisory

Creation of all kinds of contracts and legal forms (cession, loan, trade, business and technical cooperation, etc.) , Risk assessment of various investments and projects , Creating a business and investment plans, as well as evaluating the creditworthiness of the client , Notifications of all of the legislative changes , Liquidation, bankruptcy and closing of businesses , Joint ventures.

5. In cooperation with external associates we are able to provide:

1) Development of construction projects;
2) Counseling on investment in real estate;
3) Construction of structures;
4) Creating of business plans for companies
5) Implementation of projects in the area of consulting (creating of marketing plans, creating of communication strategies and other marketing strategies depending companies and markets) Such cooperation is necessary in order to perceive the national needs and establish the link with international business entities.
6) Focus not only on the Montenegrin market, but also on the regional market, as well as the markets of the countries of investors according to the principle of joint cooperation and the placement of production, which would be the result of investment activities. It is very important that investments, regardless of the form of their placement, can be seen as useful and developmental and considered as complementary factors in the development of the national economy. Generally speaking, it is very important that foreign investments are used to build strong national economies, pursuing the policy aimed at the development of national science and technology, and the orientation towards the creation and development of domestic companies, banks and other institutions. On the common interests based in such a way, other forms of cooperationare also encouraged, such as the international exchange of scientific and technological achievements, the development of international transport and communication, etc.

6. Services inside Free Zone Port of Bar

✓ Processing of documentation necessary for the procedure of entry into the customs clearance phase
✓ Close cooperation with the relevant Ministries of the Government of the Republic of Montenegro and competent Inspectorates necessary for customs clearance of goods and transit of goods
✓ Extremely good cooperation with Port of Bar and Port of Adria
✓ Registration and transfer of goods to the requested destinations
✓ Customs clearance of goods at the requested destinations in Montenegro
✓ Warehousing of goods in the free zone port of Bar, as well as other warehouses, depending on your needs.
✓ Port agency which includes picking and shipping ships from the Port of Bar
✓ Yacht bunkering
✓ Booking of containers and services of payment of seafreight
✓ Organization of seafreight and road transport on desired destinations


Our benefits are your benefits!
As a well experienced accounting service we provide specific knowledge .
We are acting as a reputable and respected accounting house with state institutions.
We employ top experts in accounting and taxation.
Much of us mean good business customs, reliability and kindness.
We approach each client individually in relation to its specific needs.
We advise in all areas of accounting and financial business and tax.
We also look at accounting from an entrepreneurial angle.

We take all responsibility regarding the regularity of posting.
We will give you the latest regulatory information ..
We are actively cooperating with all inspection reviews.
Knowledge and experience save your time and money.
Our knowledge and experience saves your time and money
We have business premises in easily accessible locations.
We have a regulated price policy.