Electronic fiscalization in Montenegro

Electronic fiscalization in Montenegro is underway, the Tax Administration has adopted a specification of electronic fiscalization, with an explanation of how this system will work, whose deadline for implementation is January 1, 2021.

The most important thing about fiscalization in Montenegro

Electronic fiscalization in Montenegro is the digitalization of the fiscalization process and the improvement of the tax records system, so it is mandatory to electronically report each account for cash and non-cash transactions to the Tax Administration.

Taxpayers in the VAT system are obliged to procure new modern electronic toll collection devices (ENU) and to register them with the Tax Administration. When registering, it is necessary to fill in the application, which will be used to generate the Taxpayer Identification Code (IKOF), according to a predefined algorithm.

Each invoice issued must be stored on the Tax Administration servers, and invoice delivery will be done electronically using a permanent internet connection between the ENU device and the EFI web portal and the Tax Administration server, which will process the received data.

According to the first estimates, the price of switching to the new system will be from 150 to 350 EUR, for the purchase of new equipment and adjustment of software, ways to reduce these costs are being considered, one of the proposals is to rent the equipment.

It is important to note that when issuing an invoice, it will be necessary to download the electronic unique identification code of the account (JIKR) from the server of the Tax Administration, which will be printed on the invoice itself.

All electronic communications will be encrypted using the digital certificate (read: What is a digital certificate?) That you will need to have.

If you are not a VAT payer

In cases where the taxpayer is not in the VAT system, he can create and fiscalize his cash accounts using the self-service EFI portal (SEP) of the Tax Administration.

All you need is a computer or smartphone to use to gain access to the SEP and record the invoice you issue.

When accessing the account login, you will need to use a digital certificate issued by a certified CA (Post of Montenegro) or other defined authentication methods.

Technical and functional specifications are available on link below:



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